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I would very much appreciate feedback from working theoretical physicists who would be kind enough to review my "Alternative interpretation of the consequences of Special Relativity" .

Thank you for you interest. I look forward to hearing from you.

15/5/2012 18:24:58

An entertaining read. Although, I don't agree with interpretation. It appears to imply that the decay rate of an atom can be expressed as a function of speed. Yet speed is the relative change of distance (position) with respect to time. So if time doesn't exist, or cannot be measured as suggested, then neither can speed!

Jonathan Collins
16/5/2012 02:21:49

Thank you for your comments. This is quite hard to explain clearly!

My proposition is that TIME that does not exist in the same way as space and matter which can be directly observed. TIME is not required for an event to occur. So the change of location of a particle is an event that happens and can be observed to happen without ever attempting to measure the period of the event. An attempt at measuring the period of the event could be made by:

1. counting the number of quantum state changes of a cesium 133 atom at rest relative to the event.

2. counting the number of quantum state changes of a cesium 133 atom moving within the same frame of reference as the particle event being timed.

In both instances the measurement is in terms of a separate sequence of events (i.e. counting the number of changes in the quantum state of a cesium 133 atom). The measurement is not in terms of TIME since TIME cannot be directly measured.

The result of each measurement will be different but will only ever be a measurement of one direct quantity (i.e. the number of changes in the quantum state of a cesium 133 atom).

Imagine rolling a ball along a table. You could directly measure the table with a tape measure to establish the distance the ball has travelled. However the only way you can measure the apparent time it took to traverse the table is in terms of another sequence of events such as the movement of the second hand on your watch.

Hopefully this clarifies the point.


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